September 30, 2023
Zitro intoduces multi-games Bashiba Link and Wheel of Legends at Enjoy Punta del Este in Uruguay

Zitro intoduces multi-games Bashiba Link and Wheel of Legends at Enjoy Punta del Este in Uruguay

Zitro is expanding its presence in Uruguay's gaming market through a new collaboration agreement with Enjoy Punta Casino & Resort. The casino now features Zitro's Asian-themed title Bashiba  on the Illusion Glare cabinet, while Wheel of Legend takes the spotlight on the premium Altius Glare cabinet.

“With the remarkable growth in of the southern cone region, including Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, our has been nothing short of extraordinary,” commented Alejandra Burato, Zitro's Regional Director for . “This new partnership further solidifies our presence in Uruguay, and we are overjoyed to have reached this prestigious casino in the esteemed location of Punta del Este.”

Rodrigo Echeto, Operations Director at Enjoy Punta del Este Casino & Resort, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, and said: “We are delighted to introduce Zitro's cutting-edge games to our clients.”

“As the leading casino in the region, it is imperative that we continually enhance our gaming offerings, and Zitro's impressive product range aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences. We are confident that this partnership will further elevate our Casino & Resort,” he added.

Enjoy Punta del Este

For his part, Sebastián Salat, International President at Zitro, noted: “Our partnership with Enjoy Punta del Este Casino & Resort marks an exciting chapter for Zitro as we bring our world-class gaming products to this prestigious destination.”

“Our team's unwavering dedication and commitment have fueled our growth in this region, and we are confident that Zitro's innovative games will captivate players at Enjoy Punta del Este Casino & Resort, delivering unparalleled gaming experiences,” he concluded.

Earlier this month, Zitro announced an extended partnership agreement with operator Solverde , bringing the Mega Lounge to Casino Esphino. The operator noted that it was eager to incorporate the company's concept, built on the success after partnering with the group's Hotel Casino Chaves. 

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