September 26, 2023
Las Vegas' Harry Reid airport posts record June passengers number; on track to break yearly high

Las Vegas’ Harry Reid airport posts record June passengers number; on track to break yearly high

' Harry International Airport broke a new record last month. According to a Clark County Department of Aviation report on Wednesday, the airport had its highest of June passengers in its history with 4.9 million people passing through it, surpassing the previous June 2022 record of 4.7 million in 2022.

The combination of both domestic and international arrivals and departures led the passenger volume to increase by 4.1%, by market Southwest Airlines, which reported 1.8 million passengers for the month. The impressive figure marked a 10.5% increase from the same month a year ago.

But the Harry Reid International Airport could soon break another record, as the 15.9% increase to 28.1 million passengers for the first half of the year puts it on to deliver the highest number of annual passengers in its history. The airport reported a record 52.7 million passengers in 2022, notes Las Vegas Review-Journal.

During the month of June, there were a of 4.5 million passengers arriving from and departing to domestic destinations, up 3.8% from a year ago. Meanwhile, international arrivals and departures climbed 12.4% to 280,687.

Deep discounter Spirit Airlines, the No. 2 commercial carrier, reported 692,507 passengers for the month, a figure that was up by 5.6%. For its part, legacy carrier Delta Lines, at No. 3, was up 4.4% to 427,555 passengers.

Among international carriers, Canadian discounter Westjet carried the most passengers to and from Las Vegas, at 74,553, a 28.5% hike from June 2022. Air Canada was next with 43,884 (up 8.9%), followed by Airways, with 28,562 (up a whopping 52.3% from June last year).

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