September 30, 2023
Light & Wonder Super Reel 'Em In Slot Machine

Huff n’ More Puff from Light & Wonder • This Week in Gambling

We're looking at a player favorite with some updated features! It's the n' More Puff Slot Machine from our friends at Light & Wonder! This game has some added mechanics that players will love, including a Mechanic and the Mansions Feature! Both of which are covered in this video!

The Huff ‘N Puff slot machine has managed to captivate players interest. Seldom do we encounter as many questions about games as persistent with this one. So it's hardly a surprise that the game has been given a sequel, which at first glance may seem like a small upgrade… but there's more here when you play a while.

The panel maintains the same incremental wagering options as before, starting from penny bet . The mechanism to trigger the bonus remains unchanged, requiring six hats, and the bonus functions almost identically to its previous iteration. The only modification is this: if a hat lands on a reel position already bordered by a mansion house, it will enhance a different space on the reels instead of awarding a prize equivalent to 10 times your wager.

This adaptation appears to focus on increasing the frequency of bonus rounds, which is undoubtedly the game's primary allure. It's not uncommon with this game to have times without a bonus. Still, the bonuses enhanced the game potential, courtesy of features such as the Mansions Feature. Additionally, a new feature includes the introduction of buzz saw symbols, which, upon landing three of them, initiates a wheel spin. The wheel offers several choices, including Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand jackpots, some of which incorporate multipliers.

Mega Hat Feature: Larger hats spin until the reels halt, and the reel positions containing hats determine the number of straw house borders you begin with for the standard six free . From initial observations, the least favorable outcome in the Mega Hat feature provides four straw house spaces, a downgrade from the standard six. Interestingly, this feature appears to trigger more frequently than the other newly added options.

Buzz Saw Feature: Each buzz saw commences from the space where it landed to trigger the bonus, a border to each successive space to the right until it exits the screen. If preceding buzz saws have already established borders, subsequent buzz saws will enhance them. This allows you to commence with spaces upgraded to stick or mansion house borders before proceeding with the normal six free spins.

Mansions Feature: Every hat you land automatically results in mansion borders, and the spaces where buzz saws land also grant initial mansion house borders. Like the previously mentioned features, you six free spins to amplify your mansion-building prospects.

We hope you've enjoyed this review for the Huff n' More Puff slot game. And if you did, be sure to check out other games from Light & Wonder, like the amazing Frankenstein slot machine, the Reel ‘Em In game, or stunning Slot Machine… all with reviews right here on our website!

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