September 26, 2023
Brazil senator presents proposal to regulate bingo, casinos and 'jogo do bicho'

Brazilian deputy presents bill to ban celebrities and influencers from promoting gambling

After several attempts to prohibit the of gambling houses in the sports field, Deputy Ricardo Ayres (Republica/TO) presented in the Brazilian bill 3915/2023, which seeks to prohibit celebrities and influencers from promoting gambling.

According to the text presented by Ayres, “the disclosure, promotion or endorsement of gambling , casinos in general, gambling or any activity related to gambling, by influencers and digital artists is prohibited.”

It also seeks to hold digital celebrities accountable for ensuring that their is free of references to gambling and betting. This includes publications, videos, stories, and any other of communication with their audience.

According to Article 5 of the bill, various penalties are determined for those who violate the regulation. These penalties may range from a simple warning to economic fines, and may even include the suspension of for up to 8 years.  

The proponents of this project argue that the profiles of the so-called influencers, as well as the celebrities in their social networks, have more and more content related to gambling and gambling houses. For the Chamber of Deputies, “the rapid growth of social networks and the influence exerted by digital artists on their followers are phenomena that require adequate regulation.”

“This bill to protect citizens, especially young people, by prohibiting irresponsible advertising of gambling companies by digital influencers and artists”, Ricardo Ayres' argues.

The full text of the bill in Portuguese can be accessed here.  

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